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Friday, January 5, 2007

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The Monkey Balls

"What your monkey balls, Jay .. u have been doing?"

"Nothing much .. been bouncing and bouncing and bouncing"

I was supposed to slog hard for the work which is due this fortnight. However, I downloaded a lot of music. Checked out "Royksopp", a Scandinavian band. They are very good and just my taste thumb like other Scandinavians. The vids are also impressive. I tricked the network block with the help of Tor and downloaded a few songs before my e-mule, limewire and torrent were tied to impotency.

Another excellent stuff, I came across was Frank Miller's"300". Hopefully, its the movie of 2007 in the making and the theatrical release would do justice to a very graphic and gruesome novel from which it is being adapted to screen. You can check out the promos. That's a completely "yo"movie with the background score by "nine inch nails". (umm.. I wanna feel u from the inside.!!!)

This is madness....
This is "SPARTA!!!!!"

and the frame freezes into ur mind as the spartan king Leonidas throws the kick of his life.


  1. Royksopp are very good, I've listened to them for years. I love their first album, the second one isn't as good.

  2. Yup they have got two albums.. haven't got hold of the second one yet... Yeah CAT but their one is good enough for let them qualify for my good books :P

  3. Just listen to their second one and you'll see. But myaybe my expectations were just a little too high after the amazing first one. :D

  4. you betta NOT be wrong...... :|

    and u dare to say u TRICKED!!

    shHHh... ill lower my voice..
    *run away fastly*

  6. ****raises eyebrows.. folds his sleeves .. and chases Luna***.

    :P u r complete sweetness.

    well I did say "I tricked" :|..

    CAT - I have checked most of the songs from Royksopp now. See,how an outsiders view is different. In fact, i wanted to check out Royksopp after listening to Triumphant on a radio, which is from the 2nd album and not so popular. "what else is there" is not bad eithr... But I agree if u have been thrown the iconic and excellent "poor Leno" "Remind me" "sparks".. U would start expecting something else.


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